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Horticulture ICAR ECOURSE PDF Books Free Download E Krishi Shiksha

Horticulture ICAR ECOURSE PDF Books Free Download E Krishi Shiksha
Horticulture ICAR ECOURSE PDF Books Free Download E Krishi Shiksha

Horticulture ICAR Ecourse PDF Books Free Download from E Krishi Shiksha. Here is the list by which you can easily download the desired course.

List of Horticulture ICAR E Course PDF Books

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  1. Apiculture (0+1)
  2. Breeding and Seed Production of Ornamental Crops(2+1)
  3. Breeding of fruit and Plantation Crops(2+1)
  4. Breeding of Vegetable & Tuber and spice crops(2+1)
  5. Commercial Floriculture(2+1)
  6. Diseases of Fruit Plantation & Medicinal & Aromatic Crops(2+1)
  7. Diseases of Vegetable & Ornamental and spice Crops(2+1)
  8. Elementary Plant Biochemistry and Biotechnology(2+1)
  9. Elementary statistics and computer application(2+1)
  10. Environmental Science(2+1)
  11. Farm Power and Machinery(1+1)
  12. Fundamentals of Entomology(2+1)
  13. Fundamentals of Extension Education(1+1)
  14. Fundamentals of Food Technology(1+1)
  15. Fundamentals of Horticulture(2+1)
  16. Fundamentals of Plant pathology(2+1)
  17. Fundamentals of Soil Science(1+1)
  18. Growth and Development of Horticulture Crops(1+1)
  19. Horti-Business Management(2+0)
  20. Insect Pests of Fruit Plantation & Medicinal & Aromatic Crops(2+1)
  21. Insect Pests of Vegetable Ornamental & Spice Crops(2+1)
  22. Introduction to Major Field Crops(1+1)
  23. Introductory Agro-Forestry(1+1)
  24. Introductory Crop Physiology(1+1)
  25. Introductory Economics(2+0)
  26. Introductory MicroBiology (1+1)
  27. Medicinal and Aromatic Crops(2+1)
  28. Mushroom Culture(0+1)
  29. Nematode pests of Horticulture crops & their management(1+1)
  30. Orchard management(1+1)
  31. Organic Farming(1+1)
  32. Ornamental Horticulture(2+1)
  33. Plantation Crops(2+1)
  34. Plant Propagation and Nursery Management
  35. Post Harvest Management of Horticultural Crops(2+1)
  36. Potato and Tuber crops(1+1)
  37. Principles of Genetics and Cytogenetics(2+1)
  38. Principles of Landscape Gardening(0+1)
  39. Principles of Plant Breeding(2+1)
  40. Processing of Horticulture crops(1+2)
  41. Seed Production of Vegetable, Tuber and Spice Crops(2+1)
  42. Soil and plant analysis(1+1)
  43. Soil Fertility & Nutrient Management(1+1)
  44. Spices and Condiments(2+1)
  45. Structural grammar & Spoken English(NC)(1+1)
  46. Temperate Fruits (1+1)
  47. Temperate Vegetables(1+1)
  48. Tropical and Subtropical Fruits(2+1)
  49. Tropical and Subtropical Vegetables(2+1)
  50. Water Management in Horticultural Crops(1+1)
  51. Weed Management in Horticulture Crops(1+1)

List of Agriculture ICAR Ecourse Pdf Books

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