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Dairy Technology ICAR E course Free PDF Books Download E Krishi Shiksha Agrimoon

Dairy Technology ICAR E course Free PDF Books Download E Krishi Shiksha Agrimoon
Dairy Technology ICAR E course Free PDF Books Download E Krishi Shiksha Agrimoon

Dairy Technology ICAR Ecourse PDF Books Free Download from E Krishi Shiksha. Here is the list by which you can easily download the desired course.

List of Dairy Technology ICAR E Course PDF Books

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  1. Biochemistry and Human Nutrition
  2. By-Products Technology
  3. Cheese Technology
  4. Chemical Quality Assurance
  5. Chemistry of Milk
  6. Communication Skills
  7. Computer Programming
  8. Condensed and Dried Products
  9. Dairy Biotechnology
  10. Dairy Engineering
  11. Dairy Extension Education
  12. Dairy Plant Management and Pollution Control
  13. Dairy Process Engineering
  14. Dairy Plant Design and Layout
  15. Economic Analysis
  16. Electrical Engineering
  17. Engineering Drawing
  18. Entrepreneurship Development and Industrial Consultancy
  19. Environmental Studies-I
  20. Fat Rich Dairy Products
  21. Financial Management and Cost Accounting
  22. Fluid Mechanics
  23. Food and Industrial Microbiology
  24. Food Chemistry
  25. Food Engineering
  26. Food Technology-1
  27. Food Technology-2
  28. Fundamentals of Microbiology
  29. Heat and Mass Transfer
  30. Ice cream and Frozen Desserts
  31. Industrial Statistics
  32. Instrumentation and Process Control
  33. Introductory Diary Microbiology
  34. Information technology in Dairy-Industry
  35. Judging of Dairy Products
  36. Market Milk
  37. Marketing Management and International Trade
  38. Microbiological Quality and Safety
  39. Milk Production Management and Dairy Development 
  40. Operations Research
  41. Organic Chemistry 
  42. Packaging of Dairy Products 
  43. Physical Chemistry of Milk
  44. Principles of Dairy Machine Design
  45. Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning
  46. Starter Cultures and Fermented Milk Products
  47. Thermodynamics 
  48. Traditional Dairy Products
  49. Workshop Practice

List of Agriculture ICAR Ecourse Pdf Books

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