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Agriculture Current Affairs 2020 PDF Download

Agriculture Current Affairs 2019 PDF Download

Dear Student, You are at the right place to download pdf's of agriculture current affairs 2020.

Agriculture Current Affairs PDF - 1


Kurukshetra Magazine PDF

Kurukshetra Magazine April 2020:

Kurukshetra Magazine March 2020:

Kurukshetra Magazine February 2020:

Kurukshetra Magazine January 2020:

Kurukshetra Magazine December 2019:

Kurukshetra Magazine November 2019:

Download PDF

Kurukshetra Magazine October 2019:

Download PDF


Yojana Magazine PDF

Yojana Magazine April 2020:

Yojana Magazine March 2020:

Yojana Magazine February 2020:

Yojana Magazine January 2020:

Yojana Magazine December 2019:

Yojana Magazine November 2019:

ICAR Kheti Magazine PDF 2020

ICAR Kheti Magazine April 2020 (Not Released Yet)

ICAR Kheti Magazine March 2020

ICAR Kheti Magazine February 2020

ICAR Kheti Magazine January 2020

ICAR Kheti Magazine December 2019

ICAR Kheti Magazine November 2019

ICAR Phal-Phool Magazine PDF 2020

ICAR Phal-Phool Magazine March-April 2020 (Not Released Yet)

ICAR Phal-Phool Magazine January - February 2020

ICAR Phal-Phool Magazine November - December 2019

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