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Ornamental Horticulture ICAR E course Free PDF Book Download e krishi shiksha

Ornamental Horticulture ICAR E course Free PDF Book Download e krishi shiksha
Ornamental Horticulture ICAR E course Free PDF Book Download e krishi shiksha
Ornamental Horticulture ICAR E course PDF Book was developed by ICAR e Krishi Shiksha and TNAU. You Can easily  Download it from our website IARI Toppers by clicking on the below given link.We have provided the latest version of Ornamental Horticulture ICAR Ecourse PDF Book but some mistakes can be found. If you found  any mistake,  error in this PDF book than feel free to comment below.

Course Content of Ornamental Horticulture ICAR E course Free PDF Book Download e krishi shiksha:

History, importance and scope of gardening; principles of gardening; types of gardens - formal and informal gardens; garden styles - Hindu type gardens (vanams), natural garden, wild gardenMughal gardens, Persian gardens, Italian gardens, French gardens, English gardens, Japanese gardens; popular gardens in India; special types of gardens - roof garden, sunken garden, vertical garden, terrace garden, water garden, bog garden, shade garden, rock garden, terrarium, bottle garden, window garden; components and features of landscaping - plant components, non-plant components; classification of ornamental plants based on utilities; significance and utility of various plant groups in landscaping ; landscape designing for various situations - home garden, recreational gardens and children’s parks, educational institutions, public places, industrial areas, railway stations, bus terminals, dam sites, hydroelectric stations, river banks, etc.; interiorscaping; lawns - lawn grasses, establishment and maintenance, lawns for playgrounds; bonsai - styles, plants, containers and tools, cultural practices, special practices, care and maintenance; flower arrangement - principles and styles; value addition in flowers 

Identification and description of treesshrubstreesflowering annualsbulbous ornamentals, climbers, creepers, palmsfernscycads, ornamental grasses, cacti and succulents, indoor plants, foliage plants and water plants; description and designing of garden structures - edges and hedges, flower beds, flower borders, arboretum, rosary, fernery, palmatum, carpet garden, arches, bowers, pergolasroads, walks, paths, bridges, fountains and statues; planning, designing and layout of gardens - house garden, roadside planting, gardens in industrial areas; layout of terrarium / bottle garden, dish garden; lawn making - preparation of land and planting; designing and layout of rockery, water garden, terrace garden, roof garden; practising flower arrangement, dry flower making and bouquet making; practising the art of Bonsai. 

Watch Video Lecture of Ornamental Horticulture ICAR E course Free PDF Book Download:

You can also watch the online video lecture of Ornamental Horticulture e course which will be more helpful to easily understand the lecture. 

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