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Condensed and Dried Products ICAR e course PDF Book Download E Krishi Shiksha

Condensed and Dried Products ICAR e course PDF Book Download E Krishi Shiksha
Condensed and Dried Products ICAR e course PDF Book Download E Krishi Shiksha
Condensed and Dried Products ICAR E course PDF Book was developed by ICAR e Krishi Shiksha and TNAU. You Can easily  Download it from our website IARI Toppers by clicking on the below given link.We have provided the latest version of Condensed and Dried Products ICAR Ecourse PDF Book but some mistakes can be found. If you found  any mistake,  error in this PDF book than feel free to comment below.

Course Content of  Condensed and Dried Products ICAR E course Free PDF Book Download e krishi shiksha:

  1. History, Status and Scope of Condensed Milks in India and Abroad
  2. Legal Standards for Evaporated and Condensed Milks
  3. Grading and Quality of Raw Milk for Condensed Milks
  4. Pretreatments for Concentrated Milks
  5. Basics of Evaporators
  6. Condensed Milk
  7. Manufacture of Sweetened Condensed Milk
  8. Manufacture of Sweetened Condensed Milk- Operations
  9. Manufacture of Evaporated Milk
  10. Pilot Sterilization and Heat Stabilization for Evaporated Milk
  11. Recombined Concentrated Milks-Raw materials
  12. Recombined Concentrated Milks-Processing
  13. Physico-Chemical Changes during Manufacture of Condensed Milk-I
  14. Physico-Chemical Changes Taking Place during Manufacture of Condensed Milk-II
  15. Heat Stability Of Milk
  16. Heat Stability of condensed Milk
  17. Physico-Chemical Properties of Condensed Milk
  18. Age Thickening and Gelation of Condensed Milk
  19. Defects in Sweetened Condensed Milks
  20. Defects in Evaporated Milks
  21. Microbiology of Sweetened Condensed Milk
  22. Microbiology of Evaporated Milk
  23. Freeze Concentration
  24. Membrane Concentration
  25. Dried Milks: History and Status in India and Abroad
  26. Grading and quality of raw milk for dried milks
  27. Drum or Roller Drying
  28. Freeze, Vacuum and Foam Drying
  29. Spray Drying
  30. Air Heating
  31. Atomization
  32. Separation of Air and Powder
  33. Two-Stage Drying
  34. Non Fat Dry Milk

Watch Video Lecture of Condensed and Dried Products ICAR E course Free PDF Book Download:

You can also watch the online video lecture of Condensed and Dried Products e course which will be more helpful to easily understand the lecture. 

Hope you enjoyed our video lecture which covers the following topics:
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