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Best Books For ICAR JRF Plant Science (Reference Books PDF)

Best Books For ICAR JRF Plant Science
Best Books For ICAR JRF Plant Science

These are the some best books for icar jrf Plant Science exam preparation. You can purchase some of them by directly clicking on below given links.

List of Best Books for ICAR JRF Plant Science

Genetics and Plant breeding

  1. Fundamentals of genetics –BD Singh
  2. Elements of genetics –Phundan Singh
  3. Principles of plant breeding-BD Singh
  4. Essentials of plant breeding –Phundan Singh

Objective book

  1. Plant Science JRF By Elangovan (Previous solved Paper 2005 to 2019+ Model test Paper’s )
  2. Objective Genetics and plant breeding-Phundan Singh
  3. Objective genetics BD Singh & BK Prasad
  4. Objectives of plant breeding –Phundan Singh

Plant pathology

  1. Plant pathology-Alice
  2. Fungi bacteria virus –H.C.Dube
  3. Uppal kumar Battacharya

Seed science and technology

  1. P.K Agarwal seed technology
  2. Objective seed technology –TNAU


  1. Microbiology by Tauro and kapoor

General agriculture

  1. General agriculture by Nem raj Sunda
  2. General agriculture by Arun katyayan vol 1& 2( Read the subjects which comes under plant sciences
  3. only)
  4. General Agriculture for Postgraduate Entrance Exam Test (PET) BHU by Elangovan,
  5. General agriculture by Muniraj singh rathore
  6. Objective agriculture by SR Kantwa

Plant Physiology

  1. Pandey and sinha (selected topics only)

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