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Best Books for ICAR JRF Plant Biotechnology (Reference Books)

Best Books for ICAR JRF Plant Biotechnology
Best Books for ICAR JRF Plant Biotechnology

These are the some best books for icar jrf plant biotechnology exam preparation. You can purchase some of them by directly clicking on the below given links.

List of Best Books for ICAR JRF Plant Biotechnology

Text books for Biochemistry 

  1. BIOS Instant Notes in Biochemistry by David Hames and Nigel Hooper 
  2. Principles of Biochemistry by Lehninger
  3. Objective book for Biochemistry
  4. Question bank of Biochemistry by N.A.Khan 

Text books for ICAR JRF plant biotechnology 

  1. Plant biotechnology by Slater
  2. Plant biotechnology by B.D.Singh
  3. BIOS Instant Notes in Molecular Biology by Alexander McLennan and Andy 
  4. Bates

Objective books for ICAR JRF plant biotechnology

  1. Plant Biotechnology by Elangovan, A. Krishna.G.K S.Devika (JRF-Memory based Previous year’s paper’s 2005 to 2016 )
  2. Objective Biotechnology by B.K. Prasad, B.D. Singh, Sanjeev Kumar (Rs.350)
  3. Text book for Plant Physiology 
  4. Fundamentals of Plant Physiology by Jain V.K (or) Plant Physiology by 
  5. S.N. Pandey
  6. Text book for General Agriculture
  7. A Competitive Book of Agriculture – Nem Raj Sunda
  8. Objective book for General Agriculture 
  9. Objective Agriculture for all competitive Exams –Dr.S R. Kantwa
  10. General Agriculture for Postgraduate Entrance Exam Test (PET) BHU –
  11. A.Elangovan, G.Pothiraj, S.Ashokumar, M.Mahalakshmi
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