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Best Books For ICAR JRF Entomology (Reference Books PDF)

Best Books For ICAR JRF Entomology
Best Books For ICAR JRF Entomology

These are the some Best Books For ICAR JRF Entomology exam preparation. You can purchase some of them by directly clicking on the below given links.

List of Best Books For ICAR JRF Entomology

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  1. Outline of entomology by G.S.Dhaliwal
  2. Insecta by Raghumurti et al.
  3. Principle of applied entomology by Raghumurti et al.
  4. Applied entomology by D.S.Reddy
  5. Element of applied entomology by B. David
  6. Textbook of Introductory Plant Nematology by Walia and Bajaj
  7. Nematology at a glance by Manjunath

List of Objective books for ICAR JRF Entomology

  1. Objective entomology by T.V.prasad
  2. Objective agricultural entomology by Dr.S.M.haldhar

List of General agriculture Books for ICAR JRF Entomology

  1. Fundamental of agriculture Vol 1&2 by Arun katyayan
  2. A competitive book of Agriculture by Nemraj Sunda

List of objective books for General Agriculture

  1. Capsule on General Agriculture by Afzal Ahmed Khan
  2. Objective Agriculture for JRF Exam by Dr. S. R. Kantwa

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